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Dating pangulong marcos maidana,

Maidana hung up his gloves in at the age of 31, possibly at the peak of his powers, following two points defeats against the then pound for pound number one. And most like I will be there for many other who will join us along the road and looking for great challenges. That is something that I had in my mind in the last few months.

To Ricardo Linari, who was the person who discovered me. And I always wanted to win. To doctor Walter Quintero, who was always there to help me and my family.

At this time when I take a look back at my career I want to thank so many people that helped me to have what I call a successful career.

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I think I was able to put the name of my country Argentina very high after winning two world titles, winning and losing against the best fighters of the world. Today I do not feel motivated enough, do not have the fire inside me to intend to climb those mountains again.

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To all of them, thanks for staying by me for long. Obviously enjoying his food and drink, Maidana's gameplan to get out with all his faculties and with a bank full of cash has paid dividends for the solid puncher, who won 35 of his 40 bouts in the ring during a ten-year career.

Last but not the least, to my dear fans, who always supported and cheered me either from their homes or from the stands of all the arenas where I fought. But only those who really know what a real challenge is, like the ones I always had, may understand that you have to be absolutely motivated to approach them.

He may return to the ring at a later date, but he has no intention of returning now, as his letter to his supporters suggests.

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I will never forget that chanting: Reading Mode Share This Former world champion Marcos Maidana may have raised eyebrows when walking off into the sunset with the millions earned from two Floyd Mayweather encounters but the Argentinian seems to be absolutely loving life in retirement.

But at this time I am making it official. My goal now is to pass the baton over to them now.