10 Signs Someone Is Smarter Than You 10 Signs Someone Is Smarter Than You

Dating someone smarter than you, live preview

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Discuss and debate your career and relations with him and see how his perspective varies from yours; and if it works well for you, use the advice. A different perspective Someone who thinks at another level will always have a different view to any situation, so your intelligent partner will help you look at your life in a light you never thought of before.

Well here's the data but the variables provide no clear direction. It is evident that dating someone who is more successful than you has innumerable advantages.

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Just not in my case. I also spent most of my early and mid 20s reading large heady books for fun. It didn't make me hate her at all though, at least partially because I was still smarter than her in some areas, but mostly simply because I was just genuinely impressed by her.

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He is now very happily with someone who is infinitely more patient -- and yes, smarter -- than I am. What is it like?

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At the same time dating a person who is more successful than you can have its challenges. He is smarter than me. With perspective, I'm not sure what level of intelligence I'd really prefer.

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He is my hero and savior.