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You also use the same smile in all the pics or worse yet, the dreaded duck face. Choose a scent that you feel comfortable in and apply a spritz to either each wrist or bicep and one in the dip of each collarbone.

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That is why, never stop pursuing her. If your date is too shy to start a conversation, take the lead yourself. Styling — Guide for achieving perfect slick: If taken proper care of, just the color of your hair alone can take you a long way when the subject is improving your looks.

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Giving up right away would only make you regret in the long run. Having basic manners, chivalry and courtesy attracts women.

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Choose your food intelligently The food you choose on your date speaks volumes about your personality Ensure to keep the first food simple and absolutely forgettable. It portrays that how hard you are trying to impress her which may be a turn off for her.

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As every good dinner party host knows, politics and religion are two subjects that should never be discussed at the table. Be Honest If you are looking for a serious relationship take your date seriously.

Girls do change their minds more often than you do.

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