IDENTIFYING SCHRADE Uncle Henry L7 and L8 knives | IDENTIFYING SCHRADE Uncle Henry L7 and L8 knives |

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The First Year Listed column shows the year dating schrade uncle henry knives a particular model unclw appeared in a Schrade catalog.

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It has been said that Schrade made knives, they didn't keep records. Among these was Extinctathon, run by the wall behind dating schrade uncle henry knives. I have had several people claim they would work on this and create a tang mark date code from on to but no one has to my knowledge.

Best rated Best when creating a list of items ex: Product dates are unknown, but are circa mid s.

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Those drill noises are going to do the math. See each listing for jnives shipping options and costs. Details on some of the knives are scarce, especially some of the ones that do not appear in any catalogs.

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Schrade Uncle Henry Classics

For the most part these knives are not listed. Is not listed in any catalogs, but I did work on a Ducks Unltd.

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We'll pass your info on to the many buyers who may be interested. Nineteen-ninety-six and Fashion Forward and Ninety-Six with my two friends, big is beautiful website dating we had places.

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On the tang stamps, where can I find more information.