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They can adjust compilation options for the entire file. No spaces can separate identifier and the opening parenthesis. To define a buffer for a table defined for multiple databases, you might have to qualify the table name with the database name.


That is, identifier is not replaced if it appears in a comment, in a string, or as part of a longer identifier. The formal parameters in the list are separated by commas.

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Remarks The define directive causes the compiler to substitute token-string for each occurrence of identifier in the source file. In this program, we use the if directive in two places.

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Each parameter name can appear multiple times in token-string, and the names can appear in any order. The program will compile with A being defined, and B being undefined.

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Below is an example C program where we define these two constants: The second syntax form defines a function-like macro with parameters. Note Do NOT put a semicolon character at the end of define statements. Directives provide hints about how the program is compiled, not what it does with instructions and the evaluation stack.

It doesn't matter if the symbol was never defined in the first place. The token-string argument consists of a series of tokens, such as keywords, constants, or complete statements.

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The scope of a formal parameter name extends to the new line that ends token-string. You must use it to signal that the preprocessor should stop ignoring code in a statement list that is being preprocessed out.

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These provide a way to conditionally compile or remove parts of the source text. The user can then update those fields.

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