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There were rumors circulating, however. InFranz Weidenreich examined the remains and correctly reported that they consisted of a modern human cranium and an orangutan jaw with filed-down teeth.

Piltdown Man: British archaeology's greatest hoax

Do the dyes match those in Hinton's trunk? It does seem to be the case that access to the fossils was quite restricted in later years. So he stayed silent. Does the canine found by Teilhard contain chemicals not found in the other pieces?

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They announced their discovery at a Geological Society meeting in Teilhard de Chardin soon found a canine that, according to Woodward, fitted the jaw perfectly.

The fossils were available for examination. It appeared that the genuine mammalian fossils had been gathered from many different localities before being planted in the Piltdown gravels, and the stone tools were similarly introduced, after being artificially stained to match the colour of the gravels.

As Joseph Weiner, who helped reveal the hoax, once noted: Dawson and Smith Woodward started working together, making further discoveries in the area.

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The trouble is that this jaw, although generally acknowledged as a simian jaw, has been attributed to man because it was found mixed with fragments of an undoubtedly human brain case.

Share via Email Bodies of evidence: I have now the honour of unveiling this monolith dedicated to his memory. It is a perplexing mix of suspects, which the new research hopes to unravel by studying and measuring the skull carefully and by analysing every chemical present in the stains and chemicals used in the different pieces.

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Wilfred Le Gros Clark, a member of the team that exposed the forger, wrote to Hinton reminding him that Woodward had in fact allowed other specialists to examine the originals.