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Difference between theism atheist and agnostic dating, main difference – agnostic vs. atheist

The view of an afterlife is a strong difference between the two views. Please spread the word. It is therefore a matter of judgment. However, non-belief is simply non-belief. In fact, the two views are greatly misunderstood and are their many misconceptions about atheism and agnosticism in their own right.

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Deists tend to believe God is a rational explanation for the existence of the universe, but rarely if ever intervenes in its operation. This piece makes no claims about the existence of God, Jesus Christ, or other deities although I do that elsewhere. You could be an agnostic atheist, meaning you don't think one can know whether or not a god exists, but you don't feel that belief is justified by evidence or argument.

Atheist vs Agnostic

Unfortunately, it is not that simple since many different views have developed within atheism. So, theoretically, an atheist does not believe that God exists.

I'll be sure to alert yu that it is published, if and when I do so. The word is a variant of agnosis, which simply means "not knowing," and people use it in reference to their belief that a person cannot truly know whether or not a god does or does not, or gods do or do not, exist.

If we knew with certainty that God exists, or had demonstrable proof of life in Heaven, we would not need faith.

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Gnostics believe that the existence of the god can be known and proved. Similarly, an agnostic would not claim to know what happens after death.

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I know of no such compelling evidence. You could be an agnostic atheist, meaning you don't think that the existence of gods is knowable, but you don't believe in one without further proof. You add even more terms to describe atheism than even the lenghty list I compiled. The government can tell you who your local police are, but not who your friends are.

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I'm of the opinion that such should be kept private unless asked