Discharge filter caps? Discharge filter caps?

Discharge filter caps fender amp dating, discharge filter caps?

Their rated life expectancy is 15 years!

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Usually it's manifested as a steady hiss. Here is my favorite: The second set that you use when the first set wears out will be the same tubes, so the amp doesn't need to be biased.

I bought a load of a certain type of NOS tubes to match a while back, and even with NOS there is a pretty big difference in the way that they idled among them. The only reason you WOULD NOT have to check bias when changing tubes in a fixed bias amp is if you originally bought twice as many matched tubes as the amp uses and had the amp biased when you used the first set.

The heat they endured for the years they were in service in tube equipment was usually enough to compromise their integrity or even kill them. First I will attempt to explain the two methods Fender used to bias amps. Usually, you can assume that cathode biased amps are just fine to plug new tubes into.

Fender started to use fixed bias in the mid to late '50's. It should read within its tolerance limits. Sometimes when you do this type Looking at the solder-lug side of the socket, find the 'blank' space, or key, where there is no lug.

Testing Filter Caps in the Amp on Vintage Amp

In the real world, these amps will run fine with a bit hotter bias, but this would require too much time and labor to bias them correctly at the factory for Fender to keep the amps at the price that they are. Based on a folding circuit board design. This keeps stress off the new component and looks better and helps to maintain the value of the amp; clean work impresses future buyers.