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It captures a world where house music is global, but focusses on those aspects that are most uniquely local. Disco, born in decrepit earlys downtown Manhattan, was an escape for its LGBT youth at risk of violence elsewhere. An alternative to physical violence, hip hop never lost its aggressive edge.

You can watch the rest here. The spirit of house has always been something of a spiritual one. Born on opposite sides of the city, they grew up side by side and criss-crossed countless times as they took over global popular culture over the next 40 years.

Scratch may have singlehandedly caused the destruction of more records than any movie in history.

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The film is a slice of life of Zoro, a fictional graffiti writer played by now famous artist Lee, as he grows up amongst the 4 elements of hip hop.

Defined by battling and cultivating skill, hip hop quickly gave rise to some of the most formative innovations in modern music, dance and art. Although uplifting like disco, the spirit of hip hop was not to get lost in the music, but to shine as brightly above it as possible.

Here are a few of our favorites. They gave perspective to what I was doing and influenced how I wanted to do it. It was a home for outsiders, many of whom had been thrown out of their real homes. Here is Deep Crates 2.