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He decided that since Amy has become a slave to her baser urges, they cannot be friends anymore, but Penny convinced him to help Amy with her urges.

Sheldon Penny Hook Up

Among the tasks include counting spores and washing beakers. The only couples who are right for each other on this show are Howard and Bernadette and Sheldon penny hook up and Sheldon. I think we knew at some point that they would reunite, but this was an added step that was surprising to even us.

Sheldon however ignored the fact and was busy checking his Twitter, excited that he has reached followers. As we were winding down this little breakup arc, it seemed like the perfect ending place. However, Amy explains that she doesn't think less of Sheldon after seeing this, and properly thanks him for admitting such a big secret to her.

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Then, uncharacteristically, he did not pull his hand away and he let his hand be held. But there is a complications.

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A few days later, Bernadette visits her and learns that Amy is feeling fine and is enjoying Sheldon taking care of her, especially since he has started bathing her. Sheldon and Amy seemed to enjoy the date, as the main topic of discussion became about Penny's sexual partners, and he told Penny he thought the date was a good idea since he had definitely seen a new side of Amy.

This action shows her importance to Sheldon, that he trusts her and she hugs him tightly.