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The two, Jacob and Nickyshow her pictures of Micah, Nathaniel and Jason and threaten that unless she raises a zombie for their client, they will kill her lovers.

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After she faints a second time, Jacob agrees that Anita feed on a very willing Nicky. All you have to do is click on the appropriate format and download it now. Because the hooker Silas was supposed to bring as a human sacrifice died, Anita proposes using Silas as the White Goat. Anita's Wolf to call.

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Silas tries to shoot her, but is himself shot by Jacob. Even before his request was declined, Tony hired Jacob's pride to follow Anita and her lovers and force her to do the job. For a guy with a lot of perceived value, either by birth i.

The first to be shot should Anita refuse to do as she's told. Anita attempts to chase and attack Bennington, only to be stopped by a third member of Jacob's pride, Silas. Radical honesty People act polite to avoid tension. In order to keep Bennington safe Jacob sequesters Anita, only for her lioness to further react to Jacob and Nicky.

You may even cause her to ponder the hidden meaning. Seeing a chance to kill Bennington and eliminate the source of the money, Anita runs after him while the two werelions fight. Anita lets Jacob leave with Ellen.

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Anita's Leopard to call. She is guarded by Nicky who is afraid of her, believing that she has rolled his mind.