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Donghae and jessica dating, ex girlfriend

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So where did this 10 years came from? He want his girlfriend to make soup for him and serve him. Who is jessica yellin dating?

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But it seems that he loves shape girl with nice legs. As Icefishy, I always like and love Haesica!

HaeSica (Donghae & Jessica)

Jessica slapped donghae in her shoulder because donghae had done something He has his own idealist in his mind about the girl he wants to get marry.

And they have chemistry.

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Sports Seoul in Korean. Why are some people filled with so much hate ; especially ;if you don't ;even know them personally.

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They must get married! I support YoonBum though. You probably get confused between jessica Alba and jessica biel but that ok. Even though HaeSica went through an awkward phase Ice Fishies didn't give up and now we are getting the lovely interactions again.

Many said that it is just because of their long friendship as they complement each other on screen and off screen. Donghae said many times he will think about marriage after military services.

Because they are so perfect to each other He calls it his personal matter and ask media to stay away from his personal life. Donghae and Jessica or you can call them as Haesica couple are the sweetest and most lovely couple since Donghae do many effort to win the ice princess heart.