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Soon appeared a tray where fresh fruit juices and wholemeal sandwiches asserted that these were people careful of their health.

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Her benevolent interventions in these lives prove disastrous, as they were bound to. She wanted this physical ease, the calm of it, expressing itself in lazy movements, in long brown legs and arms, and the glint of gold on fair heads where the sun had been. Just as she claimed her future, she saw one of the mothers coming up the path.

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This information had been offered months ago, and in return she was kept up to date with the progress of the little girls at their first school. As if they were playing statues, she thought.

They live next door to each other and, when they find themselves single mothers, with growing boys of the same age, they are drawn towards the unthinkable: There they stayed, thumbs in their mouths, eyes drooping, yawning. In these four tales she shows her adaptability, and her capacity to unify the most far-flung territories of human experience.

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What made the tears come was seeing them all there, watching them, as she did now. If her targets tend to the obvious, Lessing's waspish satire can be amusing enough, despite opaque and careless prose names in "The Grandmothers" are mistakenly transposed.

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And Doris Lessing has proven me that she could be as good as Toni Morrison upon reading this novel. Even the first-person narrator of the dystopia that portrays the downfall of an ancient civilization ponders about The Reasons Why a flourishing oligarchy might irreparably evolve into a directionless totalitarian dictatorship because of the intricacies of generational replacement.

Baxter remained an inveterate explorer of nearby shores and islands, and then, having entrusted himself to a little leaf of a boat built out of driftwood and expertise, he was wrecked one moony night on those seven black rocks, well within the sight of his little house where a storm lantern, as reliable as a lighthouse, welcomed in ships small enough to get into the bay, having negotiated the reef.

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