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Double vanity plumbing hookup, about this item

Basement Bathroom Baseboard and Sink Plumbing View of the baseboard fitted against the bathroom vanity cabinet. I love your videos including this one. From what I can make out, the option of using a single trap should be within code.

The next photo is looking up from inside the vanity cabinet. Thanks Steve Nicholas CeeA: The plumber added a wye horizontally and connected each sink with its own P-trap to the two ends of the wye fitting. P trap with a cleanout.

The Benefits of a Double Vanity

Turn on the Water for the First Time Running the shower: It works in my other bathroom. The Benefits of a Double Vanity Jul 6, Share More and more modern families are opting for a double vanity sink in the bathroom.

And if one of my two suggested options is better than the other I'd like to know which is better and why. Rooter Plumbing of Greater Syracuse. So I'm still looking to hear why neither of these options is appropriate.

Install the Faucet The faucet is held in place by the two black plastic wing nuts threaded on the hot and cold brass shanks top of photo. Install the Bathroom Sink Drain Plumbing: Thumbs up for steven's grunting noises!! Note the P-trap assembly sequence in the photo: Finish a Basement Bathroom: Moving faucet drain level rotates the gear to open and close the popup drain.

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