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I filled them in with clear super glue and let them cure. I layered in the glue to a bubble and let it dry. I wrote back and asked him to send me some photos of the pipe so I could see what he was speaking about regarding the pipe. The airway in the stem was dirty and partially blocked by the broken stinger.

I unpacked it from the mailing envelope it came in and had a look at it. The final two photos pin point the second issue that he was having with the pipe.

After wiping it down the grain shone through the stain coat. Once the glue had dried I sanded the length of each crack in the shank and the repaired holes as well until they were smooth.

I polished the stem with micromesh sanding pads — wet sanding with grit pads and wiping down the stem after each pad with Obsidian Oil.

I had one a while back but it had a weird stinger I couldn't get rid of and it also had a red dot on the stem, unlike this pipe. I am not sure but I have seen that kind of damage done with a drill bit on other stems in the past. Plumb is done differently, and the edges were quite a bit more rounded.

Polishing the stem was a harder prospect and took more work than the bowl. I took photos of the pipe when I received it so I would have a base to show the progress once I had finished. Anyway, I cleaned it up and even though the nomenclature was weak, I could see that it said Dr.

The next photo he included showed the stem. I took some photos of the stem to show the oxidation and the damaged area on the underside at the button.

I filled in the deep tooth marks on the top side of the stem with the mixture. I sanded and added drops of clear super glue to take care of each air bubble. Plumb which is as far as I know a GBD sub-brand or second.