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Some copies of its Acts contain a date which corresponds with the year of our reckoning; by some writers the council has accordingly been assigned to that year.

The exact year in which it was held is a matter of controversy upon which much has been written. According to the contemporary science of European races, [Dinaric] peoples are descended from the Illyrians. It was, so far as we knowthe first council held in Spainand was attended by nineteen bishops from all parts of the Peninsula.

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Farley, Archbishop of New York. Twenty-six priests are also recorded as sitting with the bishops. BinterimDe Rossiand Hefele interpret this prohibition as directed against the use of images in overground churches only, lest the pagans should caricature sacred scenes and ideas ; Von Funk, Termel, and Dom Leclerq opine that the council did not pronounce as to the liceity or non-liceity of the use of images, but as an administrative measure simply forbade them, lest new and weak converts from paganism should incur thereby any danger of relapse into idolatryor be scandalized by certain superstitious excesses in no way approved by the ecclesiastical authority.

Robert Appleton Company, With their language, the Montenegrin people belong to the Slavic linguistic community. Consequently, the "Greens" demanded that Yugoslavia's internal boundaries be organized to match the borders of the Balkan states as they were prior to In it, he blamed supposedly "aggressive" Serb policies for all past and modern problems in the Balkans, presented ethnic Serbs as a "degenerate race" and pointed out their similarities with Jews.

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Held early in the fourth century at Elliberis, or Illiberis, in Spaina city now in ruins not far from Granada. Hardouin suggestsMansiand Hefele or Hence, not just the kinship, but the identity of certain cultural forms among the Dinaric peoples, all the way from Albanians to South Tyroleans, who are Germanized Illyrians.

These canons, all disciplinary, throw much light on the religious and ecclesiastical life of Spanish Christians on the eve of the triumph of Christianity.