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Her name is Georgina Rodriguez, and the couple met at a fashion event in Madrid. She accompanied Ronaldo to the premiere of his biopic, and a Portuguese tabloid confirmed that the pair are an item.

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Shayk is now dating Bradley Cooper. The last word from Ferguson was key also. Ronaldo and Shayk began dating after meeting at an Armani photoshoot in For more about Rodriguez, click here.

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It made actual headlines in January when Ronaldo liked one of Jenners Instagram photos. Last year during an appearance on the Jonathan Ross Show, Ronaldo admitted that he was dating several women at once.

In addition to these women, Ronaldo has been rumored to date several other models, all with varying degrees of truth. The couple dated for five years, but Shayk believed Ronaldo to be cheating on her and ended the relationship.

In terms of individual [performances] I probably did the best season of my career, which is good. In NovemberRonaldo was rumored to have moved on from Shayk. No-one did that in the past, only us.

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Ronaldo second left pictured having dinner with Mendes right and friends back in September Ronaldo has said that he will not reveal the identity of his son's mother until he feels the time is right Ronaldo says that he and Ballon d'Or rival Lionel Messi right share a great mutual respect for one another During the appearance, Ronaldo spoke about his relationship with his son and said he will tell Cristiano Jnr who his mother is when 'the time is right' and rejected pressure to publicly announce her identity.

We are not old friends but we respect each other.

Cristiano Ronaldo Is Reportedly Dating His Agent’s Smoking Hot 24-Year-Old Daughter (PICS)

Dec 3, at 6: So it's good, I have a good relationship with him. Apparently he has been sneaking off to Morocco together, and Manriquez shared a now-deleted photo of the couple together on Instagram.

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To play in Sporting and move was "wow, what is that? He also all but conceded that a third consecutive Ballon d'Or victory is out of his reach in January, insisting that Barcelona's Lionel Messi will regain the crown.