Eddie Felson Franchise Box Office History - The Numbers Eddie Felson Franchise Box Office History - The Numbers

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I asked my friend Danny how he got the picture and how Fast Eddie had come to autogragh itIn the picture he was a older gray haired man We loaded your account with your Facebook details.

He has had many newspaper and magazine articles written about him; he has made television commercials; he has been on television talk shows; and he had his own television shows, "Shooting Stars with Fast Eddie" and "The Fast Eddie Show". Numbers, dots and dashes are ok, too.

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Rossen, who had hustled pool himself as a youth and who had made an abortive attempt to write a pool-themed play called Corner Pocket, optioned the book and teamed with Sidney Carroll to produce the script. The famous pool hall "Bensinger's" was changed to "Bennington's" in the novel and to "Ames" in the motion picture.

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Inhe formed a partnership with a large Japanese company for the purpose of creating an instructional video tape; he spent nine days in Japan performing exhibitions and creating the video tape. A Man and a Legend!!!

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He has taught pocket billiards to hundreds of students, and although Fast Eddie was a money player, he won a number of tournaments, including the California Tevis changed the events slightly. He attended school at Ava, Missouri, and he was graduated from high school in Most people use their real name.

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Instead of Fast Eddie getting his two thumbs broken, as depicted in the movie, in reality his right forefinger was broken during the incident. Tevis changed the name to "Minnesota Fats" in his novel. Thought I would share with all my fellow AZ'ers The big money match with the wealthy Kentuckian was described accurately, except the match was played close to Lexington, Kentucky, instead of in Louisville, Kentucky as suggested in the movie.