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Mostly, intactivist arguments hinge on body autonomy — the idea that it is a human rights violation to have a highly sensitive and healthy body part amputated without medical indication and without consent. Lynn followed up with a post dated June 15, which she titled " In which i respond to the bullshit " her -lack of- capitalizationimplying that having to be forced to have this conversation, or the subject matter, is "bullshit", and therefore is unimportant.

In other cases including therapeutic circumcision, there is a reason for the surgery. It can be done. Is nontherapeutic nonconsensual circumcision therapeutic? The Gospel of Luke reports that Jesus was circumcised "after eight days had passed.

Many of the comments were thoughtful and educated. It may be the early stages of internet stalking, so beware if someone starts doing this to you. The cornea of the eye is also protopathic, since it can react to a very minute stimulus, such as a hair under the eyelid, but it can only localise which eye is affected and not the exact location of the hair within the conjunctival sac.

I am certainly not the proper person to present reasons and examples for not doing this for religion.

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You can change future rows but not current rows. And there are plenty of individuals and collective groups doing good work to consciously and compassionately educate parents about the downsides of circumcision and the benefits of leaving genitals intact. And like you are so fond of saying yourself, if you don't like what I have to say, move on.

As a result, the human glans penis has virtually no fine touch sensation and can only sense deep pressure and pain at a high threshold. I will, however, say that all children should be allowed the same religious freedom adults enjoy in this country, and be allowed to grow up and make up their own minds about what God they will or will not believe in, and not have to endure permanent marks on their bodies that are a symbol of their parents' beliefs.

Intactivist Extremism MRAs and their allies are anti-circumcision zealots who operate as extremists within the intactivist movement. It is possible for women and parents to protect themselves: A sense of humor is suggested.

That seems like a pretty standard feminist tenet. As a parent to intact children, and as a former childbirth educator and birth doula, I can attest to the widespread misinformation and misunderstanding of the functions of the foreskin.