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You'll see don't worrie! In the series finale, when the park gang returns from space after a three-year absence, Mordecai notices Maellard staring up at the sky, shedding a tear for his son. In the episode "Rigby's Graduation Day", he sent a fax to the gang to push the button to launch them into space for their mission: In the episode "Think Positive", it is revealed that Benson's family members often yelled at each other when he was a child.

His older brother, Muscle Bro real name Johnis also seen throughout the series. Pops' destiny is to kill Malum Kranus to prevent the destruction of the universe.

Maellard, is the owner of The Park. Then Gary declared that from now on Synthos will have no ruler.

The Ancient Legendary Adventures of Eileen and Rigby

They broke up in the season finale when Margaret leaves for college. In " Rigby Goes to Prom ", she wore a sea foam green dress, with a teal bow around the waist, a poofy skirt with a frilly white layer underneath, teal shoes, and white gloves to Rigby's prom.

Upon his return from Dumptown, Rigby gets a call from Eileen, who only decides to rekindle their relationship if they go to her favorite restaurant, though Rigby again protests this was not a for real breakup. After the gang talked to Pops, Earl threw a Lemon on Pops and he used his powers to squeeze the lemon, knowing that Pops used his powers, Earl knows that Pops was ready for his real training.