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The equality of all people — black or white — appeared to be assured.

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Ramaphosa was elected president on 15 February South Africans of all races took part in the first fully democratic elections in As the exclusion of women and the literacy and property qualifications continued to apply to non-white voters, these acts had the effect of diluting their electoral power by more than doubling the number of white voters.

The firm designed a campaign strategy based on interviews with nearly 50, potential voters gathered over three months.

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Elections to these houses were conducted on the basis of first-past-the-post voting in single-member electoral divisions. The court has also ruled that South Africans living outside the country must be allowed to vote.

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In the entire population of the colony consisted of fewer than 80, people: Before Union[ edit ] When the British took over the Cape, first in and then more permanently inthey inherited a sprawling, thinly populated pastoral settlement that depended on the labour of slaves and a rural workforce of indigenous Khoikhoi whose condition was akin to serfdom.

Starting inthousands of these Boers set out on one of the most defining events of white South African history — the Great Trek.

The premiers of each province will be elected by the respective provincial legislatures.

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The House of Assembly the lower house of the newly created Parliament of South Africa and the provincial councils were elected by first-past-the-post voting in single-member electoral divisions. In Natal the vote was limited to men over 21 who met property and literacy qualifications; in theory this could include non-white men but in practice only very small numbers managed to qualify:

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