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Electromagnetic waves student worksheet dating,

The compressions and rarifications cause your eardrum to vibrate at the same pattern as the vibrations that left my vocal cords. Since the velocity of any electromagnetic wave is the speed of light, and we use the letter c to represent the speed of light, we can replace v with c.

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The particles don t travel down the whole wave. What is a vacuum?

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What is a medium? There is no air on the Moon, so if you were standing on the Moon, you would be in a vacuum. A light wave is a transverse wave.

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This sound wave carries energy to your eardrum. This is easier to understand if you look at the cone of a speaker.

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The longitudinal wave compresses and rarifies the medium as the wave transfers energy from one place to another. That is because a vacuum exists in between Earth and the Sun.

Electromagnetic Waves Student Worksheet Answer the following

When I speak to you, my voice creates sound waves by compressing and rarifying the air. Electromagnetic wave worksheet On a separate sheet of paper, answer the following questions.

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What features of the area do you think might have contributed to the high death rate? The actual solution I expect on a test is only about 2 lines long.