Nissan ZX Engine Analyzer Hook Up: How Do You Hook Up An Nissan ZX Engine Analyzer Hook Up: How Do You Hook Up An

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The analyzer gathers the data, uploads it into a computer, and compares it with the manufacturer-supplied data for a particular vehicle.

Ignition Analyzer About Engine Analyzer You scratch your head absolutely bewildered by the funny noise your car's engine is making. Specializing in the fields of computer science, mechanics and information technology, he writes technical manuals for several online publications, administers websites and repairs electronics.

Remove the matchbook and there should still be a small gap between the point breakers, rotate the engine and you should see the points open and fully close.

If you crank your engine over and the ignition rotor turns clockwise looking down at the rotor then you need to put the die-electric grease along the right side of the rubbing block edge looking down at the points so that the grease is trapped between the points and the distributor cam lobe, and the distributor cam lobe can pick up the grease.

The ana- lyzer leads can couple ignition noise into the engine computer and disrupt engine operation. With an engine analyzer you can easily diagnose various engine-related problems.

Engine Analyzer

Turn off ignition and remove the distributor cap and turn the engine over until a high spot on the distributor cam lobe is on the rubbing block on the ignition points.

They have to open and close to send a dwell signal to the coil. If a battery or alternator begins to fail, diagnostic testing may need to be performed on the car.

References University of Tennessee: Warning Make sure the test lead cables are not draping over any fan blades or moving parts during testing. Choose a location on the plug wire near the distributor cap to ensure that voltage transfer loss is not an issue.

Mismatched connections will prevent the leads from working, but will not cause harm under normal conditions.

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Be sure the pickup magnetic cores are touching. Do not run engine with the Auxiliary lead connected to engine sensors while the spark pickup and coil primary leads are connected to the ignition. Intermittent power will reset the analyzer to its start-up state. Color labels for matching the cable connections between the analyzer and the clips are marked on the panel just above the connectors.

Pull the coil wire out of the distributor cap and ground the end of the coil wire well or you might get shocked.