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However, the Guts' coach has replaced the regular players with athletes from other clubs in order to win, and the regulars are not allowed to play.

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Trivia Sena's top speed for a yard-dash is 4. Fortunately, the incident ended without any bloodshed. Marco explains that the technique is merely a combination of the Rodeo Drive with swerving, stepping in circular form thus the name "Roping"similar to the maneuver of rugby players to get down the field without being tackled.

Sena pointed out that unlike Riku he had never fought before and he was weak so Riku told Sena he was going to teach him speed as a way to fight the bullies because with speed you have an advantage in avoiding attacks.

Poseidon has a great advantage because they have tall players. After days of practicing Sena finally learned how to dash and run fast. Comment Anime Episode Rules Click to load comments Flagging - If you see anyone violating the rules, please use the report button "mark as inappropriate".

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Moderation - A moderator's verdict is final and arguing with them will only cause further punishment. In the end, Rui confronts Hiruma and cries out through his tears, "What exactly is the difference between you and me?!

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Hiruma disappears during the game. However, as the Dinosaurs begin increase their pressure on the Kid, that goal became more difficult to realize. Riku soon left Sena's school because his family needed to move.