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Fable 2 flirt expressions, story walkthrough

Theresa will voice, "You are now evil enough to use the evil laugh expression.

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Below you can find a list of all the expressions and how to unlock them. Get yourself around 10 villagers from Bowerstone Town Square, for instance seriously, this town has everything.

Fable 2 FAQ/ Walkthrough

The Bear and the Travelers. If they accept the ring then have them follow you to a house that you want to buy.

Either join somebody's game and swing your swords at the same time, or simply plug in two controllers and swing the sword on both controllers at the same time, or try charging up spells, which may be a little easier.

For this achievement you have to go from level 0 to level 5 in the profession of your choice. Jump out and into Archon's Knot tomb. Does a guy really like you if he is flirty with all girls but he is mostly flirty with you?

It's not as hard as it sounds: You are now officially married! If it doesn't work, try upgrading your Dexterous Styles a couple of levels until you can zoom in your shots. Once you have 5 followers, approach each of them, stand face to face with them, press LT and then press RB to bring up the expression wheel.

Go to your marital bed and click on it when they are next to you. Simply go to any crowded town, like Bowerstone Market, start dancing in the centre of the town and people will start gathering around you. Once you've placed your final bet on number 18, from where you are, go left and place a bet on each of the tiles, this covers up the following: Fable 2Miscellaneous This is one of the more challenging achievements for Fable 2.