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The seed or fecundating fluid of male animals; sperm. The cold reserve which she had always shown in her intimate relations with him, Parent, was surely also an obstacle to her having been fecundated by his embrace.

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The fecundating dustlike cells of the anthers of flowers. Visions crossed his mind, born in the soft warm air of these fecundating winds, of this strange yet peaceful scene. The male organ of flowers for secreting and furnishing the pollen or fecundating dust.

Next of Fecundate Having a strong distaste from surfeit. Meaning of Mule Mule means: Even in this situation it may be fecundated.

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That these historic Resolutions contained the fecundating germs of the Ludomatic online dating War, is by the way. Werner If his various powers may be conceived of as an orchestra, they may be said to conduct it from the very beginning of its movements, and to cease only with its termination.

Science, after having long groped about, now knows that the most fecundating and the most efficacious of fertilizers is human manure. Cited from Essays in Natural History and Agriculture, by Thomas Garnett But an intellectual renaissance was at hand, an intellectual reawakening with a cosmopolitan outlook, and, Bjornson was destined to become its leader, much as he had been the leader of the national movement of an earlier decade.

Meaning of 'fecundating'

The work was good when the child blessed love. The seal of his destiny is soaked with their substance.

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D Constantly from the palace of the lord of the world, seated on the high hill of heaven, blow four winds, pour four streams, refreshing and fecundating the earth.

It was one of the modifications of sun worship, and was a symbol of the fecundating power of that luminary. Before any experience of parturition, the knowledge that it is approaching drives all mammals into solitude, and bids them prepare a nest for their young in a hole or in some other place of shelter.

The definition of Fecundate is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct you own sentences based on it. Brinton Among the insect species of the strepsiptera, the female is a shapeless worm which lives its whole life long in the hind body of a wasp; its head, which is of the shape of a lentil, protrudes between two of the belly rings of the wasp, the rest of the body being inside.