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Lope de Vega

In he married Juana de Guardo, the daughter of a wealthy butcher. Of these, plays are known by their titles, but only about are extant. These heartbreaks moved the poet to a deep religious crisis. He claimed to have written an average of 20 sheets a day throughout his life and left untouched scarcely a vein of writing then current.

In he was appointed secretary to the duke of Alba, whom he followed to Toledo and then to the ducal estate at Alba de Tormes, where his wife died in childbirth in On the theme that poverty is no crime, in the play Las Flores de Don Juan, he uses the history of two brothers to illustrate the triumph of virtuous poverty over opulent vice, while indirectly attacking the institution of primogeniture, which often single dads dating tips in the hands of an unworthy person the honor and substance of a family when younger members would be better qualified for the trust.

Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Lope's literary influence was chiefly Latin-Italian and, while he defended the tradition of the nation and the simplicity of the old Castilian, he emphasized his university education and the difference between those educated in the classics and the layman.

From this time on he wrote almost exclusively religious works, though he also continued his theatrical work, which was financially indispensable. Lope introduced order into all the forms of national poetry, from the old romance couplets to the lyrical combinations borrowed from Italy.

Vega wrote pastoral romances, verse histories of recent events, verse biographies of Spanish saints, long epic poems and burlesques upon such works, and prose tales, imitating or adapting works by Ariosto and Cervantes in the process.

Because of the insight, depth and ease of his plays, he is regarded among the best dramatists of Western literature, his plays still being represented worldwide. He was mercilessly pilloried by his literary enemies for such an opportunistic union.

Background Lope was the playwright who established in Spanish drama the three act comedia as the definitive form, ignoring the precepts of the prevailing school of his contemporaries. Inhis religious sonnets appeared in a book entitled Rimas sacras, which was another bestseller. He wrote that those who should come after him had only to go on along the path which he had opened.

He later added the distinguished name of Carpio from one of his in-laws. In Fuente Ovejuna the entire village assumes responsibility before the king for the slaying of its overlord and wins his exoneration.

His last lover, Marta de Nevares, who shared his life from until her death inlost first her sight and then her sanity in the s.