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Fendi flirt 24ur pop. Dior - we should all be feminists t-shirt -

Love Reaction has nothing to do with the Divine hit, and it's a nice enough song.

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You know, the typical remix that tries to be special but ends up a shadow of what it was trying to improve upon. It's like Bobby heard Electro and followed it like a recipe.

The original is perhaps the least well known. You could almost call it a demo of the full 12" mix. A little spoiled by a sax solo which I fucking detestbut it's only for four bars. Sadly the lyrics are incredibly embarrassing.

You also get the original versions of Oriental Boy and Dream Boy, which don't really differ that much from the remixes unless you compare them side-by-side. The main draw on this, the second album from the most famous Bobby "O" act, is of course Danger.

Very welcome Kim Wilde style New Wave with a pulsating bassline and uplifting chorus. Again, it's very hard to criticise Bobby when he does this fast paced vibe.

Even apart from the cringe-worthy lyrics, the music is generic Electro and totally predictable.