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From India, Madras anil. Scroll down to the bottom of the Page to see the Specimen.

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Nationalised bank officials are not gazetted officers but protocolranks exist. As already told by other's, the best thing to do is approach your college principal.

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Every graduate from any Indian University can register as a graduate voter. But a person will not be considered resident only because he owns property here.

Go to Your principal. Please note below the following people who can attest your certificate. The last step is to get your Change of Name published in the Gazette of India. You will get 4 copies of Gazette Notification in this amount.

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That'swhy we go to them for attesting our copies where they actually haveto see an original of that and certify that the copy is the actualcopy of the original as seen by them. Meet Singles for Dating in Bangalore Prev. From India, Gurgaon vreddyravula gmail.

It can delay passing of a bill for a maximum of four months, after which the Assembly can make the final decision.

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Whether Indian chartered accountant is a gazetted officer? Remember that these documents should not be older than 1 Year and you must be over 18 Years of Age for this Procedure.

Governments categorise their employees from Class 1 to 4.