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Five nights at freddys dating sim deviantart, ren’ai-simulation

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Thanks to these creators for their CC that helped add on the darker tones for the eyes: I'll eventually display them on my deviantart pageif anyone's interested! I can't wait for it to be shared with you!

If you'd like a certain animatronic more than the others, please drop a comment. To be quite honest, the Golden Freddy one wasn't that hard, but it'll work when you need your sims eyeless!

Copy files to "C: I'm here to bring you my first official and now updated mod for any of the Sims games!

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I've also been stuck on Mangle's asymmetric eyes and have been looking for ways on how to split it up, as well as trying to add a glow effect to my current sets of eyes. These sets have also been given the same treatment as the newer Phantom eyes, so they will not be off-center like the previous ones were.

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I have another mod on the way in the fashion of Five Nights at Freddy's. The images above show which color swatch leads to which eye texture.

It's your Now I can finally say it old pal, ENolan!

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The story behind this is less than interesting because the eyes being brought into the game simply stems from a image creating battle where the eyes were eventually used so well that the idea of adding them in came in after their first use! I hope you enjoy what has been completed and stay eager for more of your favorite murderous lovable friends!

I apologize for these delays and hope to add in new sets that I've been refining soon.

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