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With the " any song " option, the lyrics panel will show the lyrics for new songs from any tab; with the " songs from this tab only " option, the shown lyrics are only updated if the songs from the current tab changes.

Some buttons Retry, Abort, Next are available to control the pending network request. In the lead-up to the German federal electionthe group appeared in a Wahlwerbespot "election advertisement" in which flirtender mann encouraged Germans to vote.

One such song is Nur dass ihr wisst "Just so you know". Other songs can be placed in the conscious hip hop genre, commenting on current issues. The fourth album Gern geschehen saw powerful synth beats unusual ideas as seen in Jeder zweite linkt dich, which uses samples from the song Santa Baby for the entire beat.

Several songs also suggest that drugs and hip hop are not directly connected.

Blumentopf - Flirtaholics / Eins A

Drag the title bar to drag the panel; double-click on the title bar to shrink the panel to minimum height.

If a single exact match is found, the result is then directly shown. Double-click on the lyrics to see a quick search box. Generic panel controls The panel can be dragged, resized, toggled and closed. When the panel is closed via the close button, click on the icon to show it again. Song detection is disabled when the lyrics panel in the tab is hidden; in other words, open the lyrics panel in the tab to automatically update the lyrics in the popped-out lyrics window.

Fetching lyrics When lyrics are fetched, the URL of the fetched resource is displayed. For the tour, the group collaborated with local artists from EgyptJordanIsraelSyriaand Lebanon. Blaze Media Pro's music lyrics search feature is very fast and easy to use.

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