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Flirting with pizza delivery, social media

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Ross makes inappropriate comments to Caitlin and saddened by his effort, he orders another pizza and practices flirting with Phoebe, who is oblivious. As she doesn't speak a word of English, they find it difficult to communicate with her, except for Phoebe, who manages to offer her a glass of water in Italian.

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Desperate not to shock his grandmother, he records himself on tape at his apartment in a crime scene where he holds his duck hostage. Monica, getting dressed for the big anniversary date, asks Phoebe to return the earrings that Chandler bought her, which Phoebe borrowed some time ago.

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It was the highest rated show on the NBC network that week. He scares her so much that she pays for the pizza herself and flees the apartment.

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Caitlin arrives with the pizza, but Ross screws up the flirting again, ending up talking to her about gas and methane. Kristin Dattilo and Lilyan Chauvin guest-starred as Caitlin, the pizza delivery girl and Joey's grandmother respectively.

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Rachel returns to the apartment and gives Ross Caitlin's phone number. Monica and Chandler leave for dinner, and Chandler thanks Ross for the earrings he picked up for Monica.

Monica ends up wearing another pair of earrings, which luckily for her, Chandler doesn't notice. Phoebe tells her how the earrings are Monica's, which makes Rachel flip out because she's not allowed to borrow Monica's stuff as she ends up losing it.

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Fearing that Monica will kill her if she finds out, Phoebe takes the blame instead of Rachel, but Monica is understanding with her.

Out of pity for Ross, Rachel catches up with Caitlin and tries to talk her into going out with Ross.

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The clip is pretty crude, as he doesn't even change the sweater he's wearing. It turns out, however, that Phoebe lent the same earrings to Rachel, who has lost one of them.

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