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Fm 212r fender amp dating, fender fm212r how is this ss amp?

This will due nicely until then.

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As far as the distortion, it is just missing that warm tube tone. I then wired the speaks in series and it came out to Perhaps when I had the amp out to replace the sockets the simple act of unplugging and reconnecting the power supply connectors had a positive effect on the problem.

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I'd rather stick that aside and save for the tube amp. When I started playing I had the amp turned up to 5 and it didn't take long at all for it to start popping and carrying on.

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I'm open, just give in an idea on the direction to go. Which is why I sold it and got a smaller amp. For instance - yesterday I finished assembling a folded horn extension cabinet with 2 12" speakers.

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The clean is what you would expect from a fender. I did take Deoxit to all the pots while the amp was apart.

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Where do I find a replacement power transformer? It changed the tone slightly and it seemed a little bluesier but that's about it.

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Or is there somewhere to get one that I don't have to pay for a name? I assume you mean preamp in since that kills the sound but please clarify.

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