Andy's Brain Blog: Creating Masks In FSL Andy's Brain Blog: Creating Masks In FSL

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Previously, the exact interpretation of the affine transformation depended on whether the matrix was supplied as a one-dimensional or two-dimensional array.

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If a single value is given, without specifying a particular resolution level, then the value is assigned to resolution level 1 final level and the values assigned to the remaining levels are obtained by successive doubling of the specified value.

The options for this final interpolation method are: The third and the last part relates to more theoretical aspects of the logic, including relationships with other formalisms and theories, such as information hiding, coalgebra, institutions, Birkhoff-like axiomatizability, and incompleteness.

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Now you are ready to register these all together. The -debug flag can be used to capture the data used by the registration during its intermediate stages. A blurred and down-sampled version of an input image represents structures at a coarser scale and starting the registration at a larger scale increases the likelihood of registration success.

It calculates the average using an analytic formula applied over an 80mm sphere with the origin at the centre of the image for which it requires the input image to be specified.

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Read data from stdout and stderr, until end-of-file is reached. Note that it always uses trilinear interpolation, while appropriate options -applyxfm and -init to FLIRT can be used to apply transformations to single volumes with other interpolation methods.

A number used to determine if voxels in the target image are used during registration.

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A different step length can be specified for each resolution level using the "Resolution level" parameter as described above. To apply a saved transformation to another image use:

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