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He gets along well with fellow member Kento Senga of whom considers him as a playmate. He was known as Fujigaya-otousan when he was apart of B. He talks a lot that in fact the other members said that if no one were to stop him from talking, he would die from lack of air. Buy tickets of Taisuke Fujigaya for the latest events Buy your Taisuke Fujigaya tickets for upcoming concerts, latest events and festivals from Band-Findr.

Chinese food, yakiniku, sushi Dislikes: Tamamori Yuta believes he is better at telling funny stories than rapping.

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Fujigaya is always strict with the juniors during practices. He taught fellow member Takashi Nikaido how to skate. Always arrives at the last minute Special Ability: Fellow member Wataru Yokoo stated once that his eyes sparkle whenever he catches sight of something cute.

Pink Edit He is a regular for the show Hyakushi and also appears on another show called Hadaka no Shounen.

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He talks a lot and likes to make people laugh. He had almost thought about quitting from the agency because he thought that they would never debut; he was eventually stopped by Koki Tanaka of KAT-TUN.

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