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I am not saying that being gay we have a extra spiritual ability but the fact that we are on the edge of society gives us a special view. Stonehenge They struck a spiritual note within me. Some not nice people attempted to bring it down, but the goddess sees the good that is being done and saw fit to keep us around.

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This exploration of faith stems from having to look at the world through the eyes of an outsider, a gay man in a world that is straight. Gay dating with EliteSingles EliteSingles provides you with a different gay dating website experience. Our in-depth personality questionnaire allows us to match you with potential partners with whom you have genuine chemistry and a better chance of hitting it off with.

To believe that there is more than the ONE god and that the gods have a female side makes you explore more of yourself. When you realise that you're not the same as everyone else it starts you thinking as to why you're different.

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I found out about Archetypes, constants in belief from the pregnant mother and the horned hunter image of the most ancient man.

With ever increasingly busy lives, careers to build and events to go to romance can sometimes fall by the wayside.

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Are gay people accepted in the pagan community? It also opens you to new ideas and makes you accept that not everyone is going to share your view.

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I came to terms with being gay but in doing so I lost my faith in the church, I still believed in God but I just did not believe in his church on earth.

I found I still believed in a great spirit that surrounded and included everything on earth but also the universe as a whole.

Over time the drive that made me explore what made me attracted to other men drove me to explore my spiritual nature.

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I realised that I could no more understand the workings of this great mystery than my finger could understand my eye.