Gendarmería Nacional / National Gendarmerie Gendarmería Nacional / National Gendarmerie

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Security forces report to civilian authorities but occasionally act at lower levels independently of civilian control and committed human rights abuses. The prefecture's newest equipment included five Spanish-built Halcon-class corvettes that were acquired in the early s, armed with 40mm guns, and used for ocean patrols.

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Activities[ edit ] The Gendarmerie's mission and functions are concerned with both domestic security and national defense. This incident involved a group of Castro Communists who attempted to establish operations in Salta.

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Individual forces varied considerably in their effectiveness and respect for human rights. Although the military government decided not to participate in the force, there was speculation in early that the unit might be sent instead to flight in Central America.

Before the South Atlantic War intervened, at least 20 to 30 Argentine Army advisers were training regular personnel from the Guatemalan, Salvadoran, and Honduran armed forces and were providing logistical and economic support to the members of the Nicaraguan Democratic Force, the major counter-revolutionary army fighting against the Nicaraguan government.

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Myriam Bregman, an attorney Professional Center for Human Rights and Buenosairean deputy for the Left Front, together with a group of persons and other organizations, filed a complaint against the National Gendarmerie, havingfound that this force conducted intelligence and espionage on activists and members of trade associations, student, political and Human Rights groups.

The measure will be effective with a presidential decree and take effect from June.

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That is the genesis of this creation and the spirit that legislators printed in the project which was later promulgated as law No.

The National Personal Data Act prohibits the collection of data called "sensitive", including political affiliation. The prefecture was also charged with the regulation of the national ports and with the maintenance of navigational aids. The personnel of the gendarmerie were all volunteers and were organized into agrupaciones, described as a level of command between a battalion and a regiment.

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During the Presidency of Dr. Multiple human rights organizations in Novemberdiscovered the plan of infiltration of GN called "Project X".

In fact, they were moved to the Ministry of Security. The small air wing operated by the gendarmerie was composed of an estimated 20 light aircraft and several helicopters. This was announced by the government agency Telam.

The principal patrol craft used by the prefecture were 17 German-built Zclass boats.