How to Work With Geofences on Android How to Work With Geofences on Android

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GoogleMap Markers Our Activity needs two different markers. How to use a GPS Logger device to add geotags to my photos? We address this later in the tutorial. Also consider giving users the option to disable geofencing altogether if they don't want or need this feature.

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Common Intents

I have a camera without GPS sensor. Imagine a university app that can tell you which colleagues and professors are currently on campus. How can my privacy be endangered with Geotagging?

Other image file types do not not officially support geotagging. This shows you matches nearby this is handy, considering OKCupid only lets you search for matches within a to mile radius. For cameras that do not have GPS sensors you can use geo trackers see question below.

This means that we need to carefully choose the size of the geofence and the update rate because both directly impact power consumption of your application. First, you need to obtain an API key.

New cameras with GPS sensores also support geotagging. Suggest a date, and see who bites. If you save geotags in photos and you share the photo files then other people could see where the photos has been taken etc.

Once you have an API key, add it to the project's manifest.