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References The journal names should be written in full. Text Send all files text, artworks, tables by mail or on a CD to the editor. We invite papers that focus on research integrity, ethical issues in psychological research and open science.

The journal has an Impact Factor of 1.

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Use the same file for text, references and artwork captions; these should not be included in the text or merged with the figures, but put together at the end of the manuscript and presented as follows: Informal designations are not capitalized: All elements of a figure must be "grouped" before saving.

Do not mention the figure number on the figure. River terraces and Quaternary Chronology in the Netherlands. The last line of the references should be: Adjectives are not capitalized: Geologie en Mijnbouw, 19, The authors are requested to give the names and addresses of four possible unbiased reviewers, at least one of them being chosen outside Belgium.

The requested software is Word and. Figures in colour are accepted. Les crues de la Meuse.

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Complex nouns are abbreviated and capitalized: Psychological Belgica makes publications available online as soon as they are finalised. Rijks Geologische Dienst, Haarlem, Nederland.