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Is Aaron Johnson dating someone? She's strong and fun and ruled the whole studio when we were working. I ride on the back of the filmmaker and the character.

There are rumors that he is dating or even engaged to Sam Taylor-Wood who is 25 years older than himself but none have been confirmed.

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It was cold and long and hard - being forced herbal cigarettes - what wasn't to love? Everyone is charming and brilliant, and a lot of fun, but you look around the room and you go 'well that guy is definitely the superhero'.

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The size of his arms is like the size of my thighs. Just to be an actor and transform your physique and body to that level, essentially he's a God, and he's 6 foot 4, but he's such a great guy. Who is Aaron Johnson dating? It's, like, mums and nannies.

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It was kind of like learning how to pull. I'm scared to go back into it, but I know there's no better feeling than the adrenaline of being on stage. The Secret Servicebut turned it down.

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What do you love most about acting? I've met him on a few occasions - once after a screening of Happy-Go-Lucky - a meeting set up by about eight different people including Dick Pope - and again at an awards ceremony.

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Jake [Gyllenhaal] is analytical and looks at things from every angle. The way that we've designed picking out the costumes is with that thought in mind. I would quite like to try a period drama, I like the idea of corsets and dresses and the period look of the films.

I would love to have done something together again, but it would not have been Fifty. Gurinder later told us she wet herself!

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