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This book, compiled from his diaries, documents his varied experiences in the jazz business as musician, songwriter and record producer. Best of all the events that year was my final citizenship hearing: So you never know how much you're really selling.

On the twentieth anniversary of the quintet's formation, George was working at the Hong Kong Bar in Century City, which gave me an opportunity to spring a surprise on him. Refresh the page to see the result.

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I called several former members of the group to drop in at the room. George and I had first met late inwhen I was conducting a meeting of the No.

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Much of the time during this three-month visit was taken up inspecting the New York jazz scene, particularly along 52nd Street. I record them, regardless of whether they'll sell.

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Consequently, it came as a source of relief when, later in the year, I stopped working for Dorsey and was hired to write for a similar show with Duke Ellington as the host.

If Jazz can, as some say, be learned and not taught, then I learned a lot about Jazz from Leonard.

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The year was far from a total loss. My reply to his question about Leonard Feather was something along the lines of this quotation by the distinguished Jazz author Gene Lees: He has written about the music longer—uninterruptedly since —and more consistently than anyone else in the world. If you are running an ad blocker, please disable it on whosampled.

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Leonard died in at the age of eighty [80] Regular visitors to these pages will no doubt recall that the editorial staff at JazzProfiles are huge fans of the late pianist George Shearing.

Undoubtedly the most auspicious event during those last two years of the decade, in terms of the gratification it gave me rather than the financial reward, was the slow but inexorable rise to prominence of George Shearing.

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George's records had not been released here, which meant that he was totally unknown in this country.