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Oh yes it does. Interesting people This game sucked Are you kidding me I hate it you connot swim, there are no shops, and the islands are the size of a match box seriously it sucks! Good luck getting from one side of town to the other without driving like that.

The overhead camera is also available as an option, the last game in which it would be so. Replaced by a boring story and equally boring characters, Grand Theft Auto 4 has less to offer.

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When you start out, the guns you have are laughable compared to the police and in some games, getting in a cop car gets you a shotgun and ammo. Some missions are directly set up so there's an in-story reason to get more powerful weapons.

GTA 2 is probably the weirdest of them all.

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If the cops see you, they start chasing you. IV on the other hand went for a more realistic and darker pathbut V takes things to back to a wackier state with more conspiracy theories with Bigfoot and aliens becoming realized, complex plots of heists; among more madness!

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Just terrible considering it was released as late asthe viewing is the worst, stale story and much more, you never get to enjoy anything. The Map is to small and Horrible because it's to small, though the characters made a change for the better! Many, though the boats are rarely actually all that convenient.

The bad part of Grand Theft Auto V is that the drivers are so darn stupid, they'll run you over for no reason and the cops are super sensitive and won't try to arrest you, they just shoot and shoot and shoot until your dead on the road.

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Definitely not worth the wait, anticipating it I'd rather play the first 2 Grand Theft Auto games, which were super innovative.