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The delegates selected Victoria Woodhull to run for president, and named Frederick Douglass for vice- president. On the day before the election, Woodhull was arrested for "publishing an obscene newspaper" and so was unable to cast a vote for herself.

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The New York Tribunewhich he founded in and edited until his death, became a daily Whig paper dedicated to a medley of reforms, economic progress, and the elevation of the masses.

Campaign[ edit ] Grant's administration and his Radical Republican supporters had been widely accused of corruption, and the Liberal Republicans demanded civil service reform and an end to the Reconstruction process, including withdrawal of federal troops from the South.

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Partly out of political pique and partly from disagreement with the corruption apparent in the first administration of Pres. You may update or change your personal information pertaining to you or your account by contacting Location, Inc.

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Three counties were split evenly between Grant and Greeley. Sites or other agreements with Location, Inc.

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For more information regarding the privacy policies of third parties and service providers, please refer to their respective websites. However, unlike the objections which would be made inthese had no impact on the outcome of the election.

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While The New York Times cultivated a sober tone of moderation, and the New York Herald was jingoistic and often pro-business and pro-South, the Tribune defied categorization, promoting a wide variety of interests and causes.