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This person the obligor is responsible for ensuring that the alien presents himself before an officer or agent of this agency whenever a request is made. To enhance the safety of the facility, all incoming mail is subject to screening for contraband.

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Detainee Consent A detainee has the right not to be interviewed, photographed, or recorded by the media. Detainees may send mail from the facility.

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That person will let you know if your inmate is there.

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Make sure you're using the correct website: A Greenville County Library card is required to access these databases. They are held in detention centers approved by Immigration Custody and Enforcement until their hearing or date they are deported back to their home country.

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Click the link for a list of pro bono representatives nationwide who might be able to assist you. All funds for inmates must be sent to: Go here to get started on a search for any jail in the state of South Carolina or go to this page to begin a search for all jails in the United States.

Our partnerships with agencies like the United States Marshals Service, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the United States Bureau of Prisons and the Kentucky Department of Corrections allow us to bring much-needed jobs to our community at no cost to the local taxpayer.

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If you are financially insolvent, you should obtain the services of a bail and bondsman. We accomplish that through rigorous training and a common sense approach to problem-solving.

In that case, the fastest way to locate an inmate is to call at and make a direct inquiry to a jail officer. No specific information regarding an inmate's account will be released to an individual.

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For inmate mail, you should include the following mailing address: In a perfect world you will also have the inmate's birthdate, but if not, an estimated age will help.

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