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Sebastien[ edit ] Sebastien played by Christian Lagadec is a lawyer in the service of Eric Renard's royal family. He now considers himself independent of the royal families and is a known ally of the resistance against them.

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Monroe and Rosalee get married in " Blond Ambition ". In " Mommy Dearest ", she becomes a Hexenbiest again after giving birth to a daughter whom she names Diana.

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When the Queen found out, she sent people to have Elizabeth and Sean killed. When Nick reacts with horror, Juliette demands he tell her what's going on.

In the season finale, Nick's worries about a scratch Juliette received from Adalind's cat force him to reveal his grimm heritage to her, which makes Juliette believe he has gone crazy.

However, before Monroe could allow himself to be seen by her, Juliette collapses from the scratch made by Adalind's cat. The latter two have their heads sent back home with a note saying to send the best next time. After a short time, the baby is put in the hands of Kelly Burkhardt, Nick's mother.

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He references my canton, which implies that he has a leadership role. Monroe identifies her as a grimm during their initial and almost deadly encounter.

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At the end of the episode, Nick, thinking that she was going to zakynthos to destroy the "coins of zakynthos", takes Kelly to the train station. The non-human traits and abilities appear when wesen are aggressive or otherwise emotionally agitated, which is referred to as wogeing from the German wogen, meaning surge.


Her eyes tend to turn glow purple whenever she uses her powers. Henrietta[ edit ] Henrietta played by Garcelle Beauvais is a hexenbiest and old friend of Elizabeth Lascelles and Sean Renard, being one the reasons they come to Portland.

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She can also manipulate people through the use of Voodoo dolls, which is how she killed Bonaparte once she learned what he did to her mother. She is unsuccessful, but does not give up trying to save her until Juliette almost killed Monroe.

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