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Han Seung-yeon Grazia Interview: Push and Pull

Due to the popularity of the song, Wanna and Mister, Kara's overall popularity increased. I seldom skip my exercises and I have a good diet as well since I decided to do them diligently.

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In addition, all five share a house and that house is always noisy. Seungyeon's version was released on October 26, Because I have the worst of the worst penmanship.

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I made the soju cocktail very strong because I thought someone else would drink it. She also made a guest appearance on rapper Nassun's single "Nolleowa" Korean: In that vein we have started to look up interviews that the Last Minute Romance and Go Back Couple actors have participated in.

It would be good for you to try out calligraphy as a hobby. After work, I would sit around in the living room and sign CDs… I used to do handicrafts.

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In FebruaryKara released their second mini-album "Honey". Ah, I have a hard time memorizing all the lines because she talks so much laughs.

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In late JulyKara revealed their second album named "Revolution". The director told me, that is how to not work too hard.

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Of course, I want it to be done well. Those things are more fun for me.

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Are you a good drinker? When you are in the share house with the other actors, I guess it reminds you of that time. I hear that a lot, completely not true. She passed a high-school level qualification examination, the College Scholastic Ability Testand was accepted by the Kyung Hee University, majoring in department of Theater and Film.