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Harmony sovereign h1260 dating divas, misc. str. inst. harmony nashville, tennessee

It always sounded best with Epiphone heavy strings. Two months ago I had the neck reset by Gruhn Guitar in Nashville. If it has issues, get it repaired reset neck, fix bridge, etc.

Harmony Sovereign H at The Fellowship of Acoustics May 04 It originally came into the workshop to have a pin through bridge fitted. They were in very short supply then and I think only Gibson and Epiphone then really Kalamazoo Gibsons were making them.

I also removed all of the original lacquer — right down to the bare wood. Says she is still pulling stuff out of storage, has more, She says she has a Mandolin, a Uke, and Harmony Guitar with her and will stop by if I'm interested. IAlso, part o the heel cap is broken off.

To get good mid-tones, even, I had to fret up the bottom strings. It plays superbly and sounds excellent. I've got a wonderful Harmony Sovereignwhich is my "street" guitar, and gigging guitar. It has a crack in the wood that doesn't appear to go all the way through the wood on the back of the guitar near the bottom.

I cleaned it up and restrung itand wow it sounded superb. I was lucky enough to pick up a near-new Epiphone Bard which served me well for many years. The big neck is a dream to play and I have always thought big necks are better for tone.

Harmony Sovereign H1260

I really should have polished it at least once. Although I did not really want to get away from having a completley original - I think I made the right choice.

Finger picking is blissful, just sit back in your favorite rocking chair and play yourself to sleep. It's been a ripper!

I purchased a new Breedlove and kept the harmony in a case under the bed.