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If the timing does not rise, the centrifugal advance mechanism isn't working.

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Drum brakes Models Affected: While this provides good holding capabilities when the shoe is new and makes it easier to swap in rear disc brakes, it is also the most common location for an oil leak on vintage Land Cruisers. It will automatically advance the timing on acceleration a specific amount and retard the spark when decelerating and starting.

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It all depends on where the engine is stopped when you pull the old distributor. You will need to trim the grommet to fit the round holeand pull off the plastic connector housing to get it installed but that is easy.

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Raise the rpm to 2, and recheck the timing. In summary, you'll know if the stop pin is a problem by either: Read the degrees of advance by the mark on the timing light advance knob.

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The earlier 2Fs used domed pistons and a larger combustion chamber, while the later engines used a flat-top piston and smaller combustion area. Suspension travel Models Affected: MERGE exists and is an alternate of.

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