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Hitfilm standard vs ultimate flirt, color grading

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It's all possible in HitFilms 3D Space, with an ultra-realistic look thanks to effects such as motion blur and depth of field and HitFilms integrated cameras.

The combination of simplicity, precision and versatility is beloved by tons of big film makers.

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HitFilm does include presets as well and users can create their own, of course. Main Composite Shot Layers 1: For more on 2D and 3D compositing and transformations, I recommend watching these great video tutorials: When each layer is rendered, it is composited onto the previous result.

Some of this can be difficult to grasp without experimentation and seeing the results visually. Personally I never use presets, as I prefer to create custom effects for my projects so that they look unique.

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New Grade [Grade] 4: New Plane 1 [Plane] 3: Gunfire HitFilm's Gunfire technology is unrivalled. And correct distortions in footage shot with fisheye lenses. New Plane 4 [Plane] [3D] 6: Within each batch the 3D layers are rendered according to their transformation in 3D space, just as described earlier.

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You can even link lens flares to points in 3D space, opening up unique animation possibilities. With the new Puppet Tool, you can give motion to raster and vector graphics.

New Plane 3 [Plane] [3D] 5: Generate realistic blood and liquid splatter to turn your movies into non-stop gore fests.