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On January 14, In CanilloAndorraPortugal won, in a shootoutagainst the hosting nation.

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Portugal has not played an organized match until It was the first away tournament played by Portugal and it showed a clear improvement in their level of play. On April, 28th and 29th,Portugal played returned to Granada to play the Mr.

Pedro Regado was the first ever player to score for Portugal when he scored on 8: This tournament brought also several new Portuguese players playing in France, Switzerland and Canada, which assisted the team to greatly perform against other competitive teams.

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On March 17th and 18th,Portugal played at the Gladiators international tournament were they won a silver medal, with a 4 win and 3 draw record.

The third and final game was played with the decision to mix-up the teams, placing Portuguese descendants of the FPCCC on the Portuguese team. The score wasin favor of the national team.

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Portugal played on the 22nd and 23rd of April at an international tournament with teams from Norway, Finland and Spain at GranadaSpain.

After this historical moment, Portugal also played Ireland and Moroccorecording losses, nevertheless, in the silver medal game, Portugal won again against Andorraby the score of Portugal lost against the Cesti Ivi and against the Sklepovsti Srsani.

This was the largest ice hockey competition ever held in the country. The team performed with 27 goals for and only 7 against.

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InThe national team of Portugal played three games, the only games they ever played. At this date, the Portuguese national team clearly showed that they would be able to compete against other national teams and also deliver a consistent game.

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